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Gunungkidul Tourism Map Update 2016

Gunungkidul offers so many beautiful attractions for tourist, be it natural or cultural objects, from Purwosari to Girisubo sub districts. Growing fast to become an industry, tourism ini this regency is one of the most interesting sector for many entities. Just take a look at this Gunungkidul tourism map update 2016.

As the largest regency in Yogyakarta, Gunungkidul offers many interesting tourist attractions, from natural to cultural object. Form this Gunungkidul tourism map update 2016, you can enjoy the beauty of many white-sand beach along the southern part of this regency, such as Gesing Beach, Ngerehan, Baron, Krakal, Pulang Sayawal, Pok Tunggal, and Wediombo. 

gunungkidul tourism map

For cultural obyek and attractions, Gunungkidul has various event and places to offer, such as Rasulan, Kirab Budaya, traditional performance, and so forth. All those are beautifully packed with people hospitality and friendliness, which sometimes is difficult to find. A perfect combination of exploring natural and cultural objects.

Having known this Gunungkidul tourism map update 2016, why don’t you try to visit? To get to Gunungkidul, good asphalted road with clear signs of all tourist objects are one of the benefit for tourist who firstly come to this regency. Green trees and traditional houses offers unique experience for those who are living in a big city, where pollution becomes a part of daily life.

That is the brief infromation about Gunungkidul and its Gunungkidul tourism map update 2016. Just like We offer our guiding service, why don’t you ask for the trip to the native people? Feel the atmosphere and enjoy the beauty. Color your life with something different and have a distraction for your routine by visting Gunungkidul, new alternatives of tourists destination in Indonesia.