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Gunungkidul Adventure for Backpacker

Exploring Gunungkidul to enjoy its natural beauty as well as its friendly society will last more than one day as this regency has numerous attractions, spreading from east to west, from north to south. However, it needs only some bucks to taste Gunungkidul adventure for backpacker if you know the secret.

Yes, there is a tip to enjoy this hidden paradise of Yogyakarta. It will be more economical if you know the way to do so. What is the secret or the tips we offer? Take it easy, let us first take a look at what Gunungkidul has for our adventure trip.

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Kalisuci cave tubing

Kalisuci cave tubing is a special interest tourist attraction located in Pacarejo village, Semanu sub-district. It is a combination between caving and rafting as we will be led by special guides to follow an undreground river, starting from Kalisuci cave, only using a tube. This river has a quite strong stream that will push us to move fast along the river. It takes around 2 hours to taste the challenge of being deep on the ground in Kalisuci.

Jomblang cave

Jomblang cave is a vertical cave that offers extreme adventure, exploring what lies inside the earth. This adventure starts from descending the cave using special gears and led by professional and certified caving guide. Right in the bottom of the cave, you will find an ancient forest just before a horizontal cave leading to Grubuk cave that awaits. For the next second, you will have to follow the guide to enjoy the inner side of the cave, offering some spectacular views of life beneath the earth.

Timang beach

Timang beach offers us an extreme experience of hanging on a gondola, moving from land to a small rock only using a wooden chair, just liske a cable car. With huge sea wave hitting the rock and spreading its spark toward us, we will witness the fierce wave of the south sea in only just a wooden chair hanging on a small rope. Dare you to try?

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Back to the tips we offer about Gunungkidul Adventure for Backpacker, you will get reasonable price of all the program just by contacting local guide, we mean a man from Gunungkidul, who has experience and language ability to speak Javanese. Why? Because he will be able to negotiate the price of any program and accomodation in a legal manner.

So, curious to know more about Gunungkidul and luckily you are a  backpacker? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, hotel booking, car and motorcycle rental, itinerary, and so forth. We try to give you the best price for all of those. Just see our contact above Gunungkidul Adventure for Backpacker and happy being a backpacker!